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RDI Diamonds

Digital Platform


A Tradition of Excellence

RDI Diamonds is a diamond wholesaler that serves its customers - independent jewelers across the US - not only by sourcing the highest grade diamonds for their storefronts but also by providing their customers with resources and back-office management tools to improve their sales and processes.

RDI Diamonds


  • Website Design & Development
  • Custom Content Management System
  • API Integration
  • Photography Art Direction

Providing a True User Experience

With the primary goal of optimizing and reimagining the experience for retail jeweler customers online, it was critical to provide this highly-educated and highly-specific audience with a product search advanced enough for diamond experts.


Through combining large-scale diamond and jewelry elements with delicate design details, RDI has claimed a style that will be recognizable across a wide array of branded touchpoints. The aesthetic exudes luxury and sophistication without veering too far into the direct-to-consumer romance motif.

Making Strong Connections

Additionally, RDI's web presence was becoming a new way to communicate directly with their customers. A robust gated dashboard experience was introduced for jewelers where sales are tracked and salespeople are excitedly earning reward credits and charitable contributions.


RDI Diamonds has always committed themselves to providing the highest quality diamonds as well as care to their customers. Bringing that experience online without losing a personalized connection was imperative to maintain RDI's status as a true partner for their clients rather than a supplier. For that reason, at every step of the design and development process, communicating with and directly to their customers was an overarching goal. We achieve this by addressing their questions before they're asked, and included various types of informative media and content, all organized with a user-oriented hierarchy.

“We reached out to Atypic to help us craft a best-in-class digital experience for our customers. In a world that is ever-evolving digitally, Atypic took a calculated approach to design and development that catered specifically to our unique customer base.

This has been the catalyst of change for numerous digital processes in our business, and we are thankful for Atypic‚Äôs help in kick starting our transformation.”

Derek Adams, VP of Strategy - RDI Diamonds

our conclusion

Setting the Steps for Transformation

RDI Diamonds made an intentional decision to bring their longstanding relationship of customer care to a form with a digital-focus. Atypic was excited to be a part of this transformative goal and could not be more pleased with the final result. 

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