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Our Craft.

Absolute Passion For Creativity.

We Are

Connectors of Ideas and Experiences.

For over a decade, we have collaborated with our clients to create stories that capture attention and deliver atypical results.

Our capabilities

We are more than a team of multidisciplinary designers, strategists and developers. We are partners, collaborators, brand guardians and challengers.

Our creativity, technology and analytical expertise allows us to thoughtfully craft custom approaches to your brand communications. Our solutions resonate with your audience, deliver results and provide a long-term strategy for success.

Digital Platforms

    Digital Platforms

  • Website Design & Development

  • Content Management Systems

  • Web Applications

  • API / Data Integrations

  • eCommerce Storefronts

  • Learning Management Systems

  • Landing Pages

  • Custom Applications

  • Data Integration

  • App Development

  • Email Marketing

Custom. Every. Time.

Our approach to flexibility combines authentic design, purposeful messaging, powerful lightweight tools and complex data integrations in a way that delivers the right experience to the right user. We leverage modern technologies and employ total brand protection to create an experience that's custom-made to your vision and your audience’s needs.

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Digital Platforms
Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Local SEO

  • Paid Search Marketing (PPC)

  • Inbound Marketing

  • Marketing Automation

  • Email Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Online Display Advertising

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Amazon Advertising

  • Comprehensive Reporting

Driven. By. Data.

Constant dialogue with your team equips us to develop and elevate a digital marketing strategy that works. Starting with competitive research, we analyze a variety of channels in order to identify untapped outlets and opportunities for new ideas all while focused on your segments. Our ethical approach values your brand’s reputation and maximizes your marketing spend. We evolve your brand, and help you find your place in the digital world.

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Digital Marketing
Brand Communications

    Brand Communications

  • Brand Development

  • Identity Design

  • User Personas

  • Video / Photography

  • Collateral Design

  • Print Materials

  • Packaging Design

  • Environmental Graphics

  • Social Media Design

  • Augmented Reality

Purposeful. Branded. Touchpoints.

At Atypic we believe that strong design should be multi-disciplinary. A dialogue between a brand and their audience can occur anywhere across a plethora of mediums. We are purposeful in our approach to communicating your brand and message. Customer usability and interaction remain our focus, but our passion for creativity propels us to create original designs that keep audiences engaged.

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Brand Communications

What We Know


We know that good designers should be multidisciplinary and be able to carry a brand through any medium consistently and cohesively.


We know our best work happens where passion and skill intersect made possible through a process built around collaboration.


We know that you must enter the mindset of your user persona to further understand the best approach when connecting with them.


We know that research and analytics are the foundation for good design and progression in marketing.


We know that our client's success is our success, developed out of relationships grown and strengthened over time.


How We Craft with Purpose

Every industry is different, and we know each project solution is as unique as the people and company behind them.



We conduct a thorough exploration of current experiences and actively listen to your needs and ideas.

  • Total Brand Immersion
  • Competitor & Industry Analysis



Interactively pinpoint the exact and individualized custom needs and solutions for your brand.

  • Rationale, Strategy & Tone
  • Brand Personas & Mood Boards
  • Target Markets & Architecture



Total immersive creative development of your brand presentation and experience, including data integration and user testing.

  • Creative Brief
  • Concepts & Design Creative
  • UI / UX Planning



Finalizing channel selection and brand definition. Your project has been passionately crafted, fine-tuned, and is ready for brand launch.

  • Implement & Produce
  • Release Campaign
  • Social Engagement



We strive to bring long-term awareness to your brand through feedback and collaboration, all while strengthening your brand to help you achieve your future goals.

  • Brand Guidelines & Awareness
  • Evolve to Next Phase
  • CMS Training & Style Guide



Our relationship continues as we analyze and boost results. Track with custom analytics, SEO & SEM, and expand your brand with inbound marketing and content generation.

  • Measure the Reaction
  • Enhance the Experience
  • Target Brand Advocates

Our clients

A Few of Our Friends.

  • Cam Newton Foundation
  • Moen Faucets
  • Freightliner
  • Intelichart
  • Giordana Cycling
  • MADabolic Inc
  • The_Home_Depot_Rental
  • CBCC
  • GOTR
  • Seafoods
  • Let_Me_Run
  • Portrait_Innovations
  • Menlo_Innovations
  • Avid
  • Eastwood_Homes
  • HopeWay
Digital Platforms
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