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Our Culture.

Create and Celebrate.

Relationships First

A Simple Belief

We set out with a different approach. We believe in putting relationships first, not only with our clients but with our teammates and with our community. At Atypic, we believe the things you do in life should be done with passion.

Our Craft

Our Values What Makes Us Tick

  • Foster Trust & Collaboration

  • Innovate & Educate

  • Be Passionate & Have Fun

Our Craft

Foster Trust & Collaboration

Our clients and teammates are family. We work every day to foster open communication, trust and mutual respect.

Our Craft

Innovate & Educate

We are innovators and knowledge-seekers. From developing custom solutions to educational enrichment, we empower our teammates and our clients to be better at their individual craft.

Our Craft

Be Passionate & Have Fun

We immerse ourselves every day in thoughtfully crafted approaches to brand communication, bringing passion and joy to our work. We work hard and play hard, believing everything in life should have balance.

Our Team

Where Passion Meets Skill

Luis Costales

Founder + Creative Director

“One positive thought produces millions of positive vibrations.” - Coltrane

Megan McHugh

VP of Operations

Mom to the two cutest girls in Charlotte

Fergus Horner

Director of Digital Marketing

O stop it... You're making me digitally blush a greenish blue!

Courtney Costales

VP of Finance

Professional Juggler

Nick Haigler

Digital Marketing Specialist

I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.

Jacqueline Glenwright

Digital Marketing Specialist

High-functioning narcoleptic

Mallory Boyd

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Is that Todd Kraines?

Jason Mills

Senior Client Services Manager

Resident office disc jockey (and barista)...(and beer fairy)

Morgan Bailey

Senior Visual Designer

It's me. It's Todd Kraines.

Josie Degler

Visual Designer

Kentucky native who loves llamas and curvy ampersands

Sophie Van Dyne

Visual Designer Intern

Coming Soon...

Garrett Dengler

Senior Developer

I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa

Tammy Robinson

Front End Developer

Liked the Milwaukee Bucks before they were topical

Hayden Grindstaff

Back End Developer

Neutral Good Human Warlock

Alyssa Lemon

Front End Developer

Resident Wegmans scholar and retired urban bee wrangler

Scott Caudle

Front End Developer

Coming Soon...

Life At Atypic

When All The Work Is Done

Foosball A Few Of Our Favorite Things

Friday Foosball Tournaments

Catch us cracking open a few beers on Friday while we challenge the most recent champ at a re-match.

Outings A Few Of Our Favorite Things

Team Outings

We’ll catch a ballgame together, get our feet wet at the lake or just grab a tasty beverage as a team on a random Thursday. Whatever we’re doing, we’re loving it and getting closer as a team.

Athletes A Few Of Our Favorite Things

Matheletes Being Athletes

Basketball tournaments, kickball tournaments and….wait did we say Foosball. We may not always bring home a trophy but sometimes it’s good to get out and break a sweat.

Friends A Few Of Our Favorite Things

Making New Friends

We love having visitors in our office. If you think what we do is cool, we think you’re cool too. Atypic regularly hosts studio tours, portfolio reviews, mentorships and information sessions for those who are as aggressively curious as we are.

Our Craft
Our Craft
Our Craft
Our Craft

Egos in the office


Unless you’re talking about foosball...

daily slack messages


Which mainly consist of articles, updates, new songs to check out and the occasional funny .gif



Recognized both locally and nationally for work across multiple channels.

Years In Business


A decade of experience working with incredible clients.

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Our Craft
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