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Carousel Capital


Southeastern Focused, Relationship Driven

Carousel Capital is a different type of Private Equity firm with hometown roots in the Southeast. They’re committed to reshaping the model of the private equity industry while being a source of transformative investments for growing businesses in the region. We were privileged to partner with them to craft a revitalized online presence that, we feel, truly represents their culture and partnerships-first mentality.

Carousel Capital


  • Website Design & Development
  • Custom Content Management System
  • Photography
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Long Legacy of Success

Carousel Capital has a reputation of crafting successful partnerships in the Southeast and was in fact one of the first Private Equity brands to specifically focus on forming partnerships solely in this region. The new revitalized online presence needed to position Carousel Capital as an expert, a professional with experience, but not elevate the brand to a level of unapproachability. During the design process, Atypic and Carousel established a refreshed brand identity in the form of a new color palette, typography family and series of branded assets that allowed the legacy brand to be scaled to branded materials in new ways.  

Let the Numbers Do the Talking

In an industry that requires a great deal of trust when forming new partnerships, seeing past results makes building trust that much easier. It was an overarching goal of Carousel to let their results shine through in a variety of ways in their new website. This was achieved by pairing statistics from previous partnerships with branded messages, client case studies and personal testimonials. While many competitors are hesitant to showcase actual statistics and figures, Carousel Capital feels those should be prioritized and emphasized.

Visual Statistics Treatment

Stand Out From The Crowd

Carousel Capital’s new brand elevates their firm to a new level of trustworthiness, approachability and expertise. The newly established website, catalog of professional photography and updated brand theme will allow this new presentation to be scaled out to any branded touchpoint. 

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