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Moen Faucets

Digital Marketing


A Multi-Channel Focus

Another digital marketing effort included designing ads to support an immersive, multi-channel digital ad campaign to feature the line of Moen Innovation products. Each innovation had its own ad campaign to initially generate interest around the innovations. Later, consumers were retargeted to encourage signing up for emails around new product releases.

Moen Faucets


  • Banner Ads
  • Social Ads
  • Re-Marketing Ads
  • Email Marketing

The Goal

Atypic designed hundreds of ads to be used on both social outlets as well as websites. The ads targeted a tech savvy millennial audience with a goal of drawing interest to innovative products that might inspire them or make their lives easier. The ads aligned with the recent rebrand and this was the first introduction to the rebrand from a digital advertising standpoint.

An Inbound Approach

To coincide with the recent rebrand, Atypic designed a series of emails to connect with consumers through a digital campaign that would provide users content of specific value. Atypic designed emails for maintenance reminders, new product promotions, to encourage product registration and more. We created compelling campaigns full of updated and beautiful product photography to resonate with their shift in target audience and reinforce the new brand updates.

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