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Making Hope Tangible

HopeWay is a mental health care center located on a 12-acre campus in Charlotte, NC. HopeWay offers a residential and day treatment continuum of care for adults as well as education and community support HopeWay’s focus is being a client-centered facility and providing a healthy environment for those seeking mental wellness.



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Standing in the Gap

Since opening in 2016, HopeWay has expanded its programs to offer a wide range of medical care services and therapies. These services include individual and group therapies, as well as scheduled meetings with HopeWay’s on-campus psychiatrist.

the goal

Making Hope Tangible

HopeWay partnered with Atypic during the infancy stage of the new organization with four goals in mind – to increase: awareness, engagement, interest and advocacy.



Drive knowledge of the organization and cause. Leverage partnership to further connect the brand with industry leaders.



Create content that drives action, educates and engages users.



Use various outlets to connect with online visitors to lead them further towards becoming HopeWay advocates.



Create lifetime advocates who spread the word about their experiences.

Creating an Opportunity

Mental health issues are pervasive in our modern society however, the availability of treatment options in the Charlotte area is limited. Bill and Betsy Blue’s fight to find local mental health services for a loved one mirrors that of many in the area.


This difficulty to find a client-centric mental health facility was seen as both a challenge and an opportunity – not only for HopeWay, but the greater Charlotte area as well

the solution

Building a Foundation

During this stage of HopeWay’s organization, Atypic knew it was important to utilize any / all channels that can aid in getting exposure for HopeWay. With a new website, it is crucial to promote and leverage it in any capacity to assist in creating brand awareness.


The marketing channel HopeWay and Atypic agreed would be most beneficial was Search, specifically Organic and Paid Search mediums

Bringing Awareness to the Cause

After performing research of online search terms, competition, and trends, Atypic launched a full-scale Search Engine Optimization campaign including both organic search engine optimization efforts as well as initiating a series of paid search ad campaigns built around HopeWay's unique offering of services and treatment types. Atypic’s strategy included using on and off-page elements, as well as paid search ads through the use of Google Ad Grants for nonprofit organizations.

“Atypic provided flexibility while lending their expertise and creativity to meet our varied and growing needs. We see Atypic as a key member of the “HopeWay family” not only because of the work they have provided but also because their team is truly invested in and passionate about our mission.”

Emily J., HopeWay

Hope is the Answer

HopeWay set out to create a facility that offers hope and a positive light on mental health and wanted their website to reflect that very same theme. We were up for the challenge of promoting our newly built website so that more individuals had the opportunity to find out about HopeWay and experience this optimism themselves.


Hearing from the HopeWay staff or clients themselves reinforces that we all went about this in the right ways and this energizes our team to continue on with this mission of hope.


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Leads


Increase in Organic Mobile Traffic

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