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Moen Innovations

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Moen Innovations


  • Landing Page Design & Development
  • CGI Art Direction
  • Social Media Concept Design
  • Email Marketing Design


  • Scrolljacking
  • Custom JavaScript

The Goal

Moen’s introduction of new product technologies in the kitchen and bath meant opportunity for pushing creative limits and functionalities. Our goal was to showcase Moen as a leader in innovations for smart products while highlighting the products’ beauty and communicating to user’s how these products will completely enhance their experience with water. Atypic designed and developed three landing pages to support these major product launches within the innovation sector for Moen.


Visit:    Nebia by Moen     Aromatherapy Handshowers     U by Moen Smart Faucet

Next Level Product Renderings

With the primary goal of innovation in mind, we wanted to explore new technologies that would bring these products to life in the digital space and immerse the user in a consuming on page experience. Atypic partnered with Peter Godshall to produce CGI renderings of the products which gave us the flexibility to highlight the beauty of the products in detail immense.


Atypic provided Art Direction on the CGI sequences to ensure the core innovations of the products were being communicated in a clear way. These assets were used for on-page scrolljacking that allowed an interactive view of the products, as well as detailed short clip videos to show additional product features.

Amplifying the Innovations

Our goal to showcase these products didn't end with the interactive landing pages. Moen utilized their social media and email marketing channels as additional platforms to amplify their product messages. Atypic leveraged the aesthetic and interactivity of the landing pages to create engaging videos and images for their marketing campaigns.


This allowed the product messaging to circulate through multiple mediums, while remaining consistent and continually engaging customers.

“Our opportunity to push creative limits with new technologies has allowed us to provide tailored immersive products for Moen. We're continually finding ways to deliver unique experiences that result in success for our clients.

Morgan Bailey, Art Director

the outcome

Unparalleled Innovation

Both Atypic and Moen pride themselves on developing tech-focused products that are tailored to their customer's specific needs. This has helped shaped the ongoing creative collaboration that continues to produce successful results.

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