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SEO Isn't An Option - It's A Necessity


SEO Isn't An Option - It's A Necessity

Fergus Horner By: Fergus Horner


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A website with a user-friendly interface and cutting-edge design can provide a potential user with the perfect experience but it won’t matter if visitors can’t find you.


You may have some great out-of-the-box ways to promote your service or products, but if you are looking to increase traffic, look no further than SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 


Organic traffic tends to rank among the highest contributors for incoming traffic for most websites. It also tends to show some of the highest “click to conversion” ratios. This makes complete sense. Why? Because your site shows up at the top of a results listing for a specific search phrase, telling users that you are what they are searching for. 


By the end of 2018, Google owned 92% of worldwide search engine market share. Not to mention, Google claims 95% of worldwide mobile share. Both Bing and Yahoo individually claim 2% desktop search and 1% each mobile search.


Google continues to keep search quality up to par by releasing algorithm changes each week with larger scale algorithm updates at least once per quarter. 

Quality search engine optimization is looking at the site, both internally and externally; making sure you have the basic SEO 101 fundamentals in place such as: relevant keywords included naturally in your copy, internal links, and continually updating your site content with relevant messaging.  


Ensuring the fundamentals are in place before embarking on ongoing optimization efforts, will significantly increase the quality of incoming traffic to your site and your overall online presence. These practices also will ensure that all subsequent SEO initiatives performed offsite will garner the greatest result. 


Over time, SEO helps build both trust & credibility around your brand message. SEO lays a strong foundation that you can continue to build on.


Practicing proper search engine optimization efforts introduces searchers to your brand in a way that they are already used to seeking information, which allows visitors to find you when they are specifically searching for what your brand has to offer.


SEO should no longer be viewed as an option, but more of a necessity. A marketing discipline that evolves into a continued business investment to grow both brand awareness and overall visibility.

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