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Our Favorite Projects


Our Favorite Projects

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Each team member, whether they've been at Atypic for 8 years or 3 months, was asked to reflect on one project that impacted them, professionally and/or personally. From website redesigns to ongoing digital marketing services and internal discoveries, here are a few of our favorite projects. 

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Website Redesigns

Hayden Grindstaff, Back End Developer

Eastwood Homes

Eastwood Homes was really the first large project I worked on since starting at Atypic. The site was quite complex in all forms of development so I was a bit nervous when it was first assigned to me. Due to the complexity of what was needed, I was able to really hone my skills in development and was forced to think about and try new things that I had never even considered possible. The project was challenging but I'm very thankful to have been given the opportunity to help develop this site and better myself in the process.

Morgan Bailey, Art Director


This project was a great opportunity for us to show that we are small but mighty. The redesign of Moen's website was a huge undertaking that allowed us to flex our design and development muscles, while working closely with their IT and brand teams. This was one of the first projects that we really utilized a design system, which created a lot of efficiencies and has molded how we approach future projects.

Sophie Van Dyne, Visual Designer


While I didn’t get to work on it from the beginning, TruRoots has had the biggest impact on me personally. Having just graduated, with no experience in web, TruRoots opened my eyes to a whole new world of design. Early in the project I felt nervous, and found myself focusing primarily on making sure every little thing was technically correct. However, as I became more comfortable, I was able to loosen up and experiment much more creatively with different ideas and layouts. Working on TruRoots taught me a great deal, most importantly helping me to discover a passion for web design! This was an exciting breakthrough for me. I definitely want web design to be a significant part of my career and I can’t wait to apply what I learned from TruRoots to upcoming website design projects.

Matt Giebeig, Front End Developer

Eastwood Homes

The quality inspection tool for Eastwood Homes has given me a chance to put my Vue.js skills to the test, and grow my understanding of single-page app development. It has been fun to think through how all the screens should transition, and all the individual pieces should interact.

Garrett Dengler, Director of Technology


This project was very close to my heart and I feel like it brought the team even closer together. Redesigning the Atypic website was a collaborative effort and really showed how much pride we take in our craft. The biggest challenge was finding time to actually put the effort into it while not neglecting our clients. We really put our all into this project and it shows.

Scott Caudle, Front End Developer

Eastwood Homes

The Eastwood Homes website redesign taught me great deal about re-using styles on the front end, which has completely changed how I'll build out different sites in the future. Reusable components changed the game for me as well. Being also that it was one of the first "team" projects i've been a part of, it was so cool to see how everyone contributed to such a massive project!

SEO & SEM Experts

Digital Marketing Services

Fergus Horner, Director of Digital Marketing


One of many favorite projects would have to be HopeWay. Personally for me, it was the privilege and honor of being able to promote mental health awareness locally in the Carolinas. (In the past 5 years, their brand presence has grown so strong on a local level that they have expanded their reach outside of the Carolinas.) What makes it even more special was having the opportunity to work on their website as they worked towards completing the build on their brand new facility. In the past half-decade, we have seen such positive growth, both in the number of patients and the expansion of their current facility and service offerings. We are very fortunate and thankful for the opportunity of working alongside the team, continuing to help promote the importance of mental health care and knowledge that help is readily available.

Mallory Boyd, Digital Marketing Coordinator

Moen social

Working on Moen's social media marketing has pushed our team in various ways. While this type of project was newer to our process, it truly is an all hands on deck project and flows through each respective team. From initial design concepting and implementation, to copy writing and reporting, we've been able to establish a workflow that allows our team to deliver elevated creative assets for a variety of platforms. This project has challenged us as a team, forced us to implement new processes, and remain agile as social trends are ever changing.

Nick Haigler, Digital Marketing Manager

Data Analytics & visualization

Data visualization has been valuable for many of our daily tasks on the Search Engine Optimization & Marketing team including keyword research, link building, content and paid search optimization. One of our tools, Power BI, gives us the ability to combine multiple organic and paid datasets and present them in a way that can be segmented and analyzed more efficiently than a classic spreadsheet. This has been one of my projects because it can benefit each of our clients in different ways and more easily tell a story within a report.

Jacqueline Glenwright, Digital Marketing Specialist

Fast growing trees & brighter blooms

This year we began working with Fast Growing Trees & Brighter Blooms assisting with and improving their content strategy, link earning efforts, and overall search engine optimization. This organization offers their services nationwide and has the SEO equity to rank for broad, highly searched keywords. Having this flexibility and freedom has been a lot of fun for our team as we try and test new content strategies to compete for keywords on a much larger scale.

Jason Mills, Senior Client Services Manager


I am particularly proud of this project and ongoing relationship because I am passionate about breaking the stigma around Mental Health. HopeWay is a nonprofit Mental Health facility who began working with Atypic as a true “start up.” Their facility was still being built when we launched their first website, but from the very beginning they sought to be a positive voice for mental wellness in the Charlotte community. Now 5 years later they’re growing and expanding and changing lives along the way. In working on any project, I always say that "our clients' clients" are who we’re really there to serve. The best testimonial came when I saw a video that HopeWay produced with a real client stating that when they found HopeWay’s website they felt like their life was changed.

Melody Songer, Visual Designer


I am very grateful to have worked on many projects throughout my short time here, so it is with difficulty I select Med-Ed as my favorite. Having just started in April and being new to the UX/UI field, Med-Ed was one of the first clients I worked with early on. Beginning with email and social media design to now leading their website redesign, I’m proud at the amount of progress I’ve made in just 4 months. It’s been a true joy immersing myself in their brand and finding new ways to push it forward, as well as apply each week’s set of new learnings to what is my biggest project yet! 

Thank You

We want to say Thank You to all our clients. It was difficult to only choose one project as each one impacts us in some way.

 Without you, we would not be able to look back and reflect on these distinct moments of successes, challenges, and growth as a team and as individuals.

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