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Customer Centered Design

Through unique and innovative products, Moen leverages technology to enhance the consumer experience by making the lives of the product owner just a little bit more comfortable and a great deal more stylish. Water designs our lives and Moen has accepted the mission to design for water. Customer insights and the desire to redefine customer expectations drive the development of these new innovations.

Moen Faucets Moen Faucets


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The Story

Evolution of Water

With the rollout of new product lines built around technology and style, Moen was primed to evolve to not only appeal to a younger, more modern consumer, but further differentiate itself from the competition in a more meaningful way. As the market-share leader, it was time to decisively propel this position forward while pushing their smart & innovative product designs.

Moen Faucets Moen Faucets

The Goal The Goal

Introduce Moen Innovations product lines in a way that clearly demonstrates the life altering opportunities improvements their tech-focused products could bring consumers.

Moen Faucets

The Solution

Consumer Interaction

Through a multi-channel initiative, Atypic and Moen elevated built the story by showing real consumers actually interacting with their products. As a shift from previous marketing efforts, Moen intended to emphasize that their products were "innovated by Moen" as opposed to attempting to build individual brand recognition for each product type.

Moen Faucets
Moen Faucets Moen Faucets Moen Faucets

The Details

Style In The Details

Atypic Art Directed the product video shoot that resulted in a series of brief videos showcasing products in-use in a natural home environment. Our team also worked alongside Moen to select high quality imagery to display the detail in each of their innovation products.

Atypic carefully planned out the innovation pages to be scaled for mobile, tablet, and desktop.


Leveraging Widen, Moen’s Image Library, we were able to dynamically call the appropriately sized image per the user's device to get the fastest page load possible.

Moen Faucets

The Outcome

Cutting Edge Innovation

Moen now has a standardized structure to launch their latest innovations quickly to coincide with non-digital marketing efforts. Continuing to focus on the benefits and beauty of each product, Moen communicates how their products can make everyday tasks just a little bit easier.

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