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Every 1 Matters

Cam Newton Foundation

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A Foundation For Children

The Cam Newton Foundation is committed to enhancing the lives of young people by addressing their socioeconomic, educational, physical and emotional needs. The overarching theme of the Cam Newton Foundation is "Every 1 Matters." As Cam Newton - the athlete - gained notoriety, it was important to leverage that exposure into showcasing the causes and foundation that are affiliated with Cam Newton's name.

Cam Newton Foundation Cam Newton Foundation


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The Story

Building the Cam Newton Brand

The Cam Newton Foundation came to Atypic with a two-sided goal. The foundation needed a new website to increase exposure for the non-profit Foundation while also being a platform to showcase Cam Newton as an individual and brand. As the publicity grows for Cam, more awareness for his dedicated causes would be a residual result of this growing interest.

Cam Newton Foundation Cam Newton Foundation

The Goal The Goal

Though we know he will be known mostly for his feats on the football field, his presence online should emphasize the efforts of the foundation ahead of football feats. The new online presence would showcase photo galleries of Cam’s Foundation making an impact in the Charlotte and Atlanta communities while also providing visitors with a more personal view of Cam Newton himself.

Cam Newton Foundation
Cam Newton Foundation Cam Newton Foundation

The Solution

Two Sides of the Individual

Atypic designed a split screen experience that helped drive users into the section of the site most relevant to them. On the Foundation side, being able to highlight key events and provide archives of past events in an image-heavy and colorful way was key to helping to continue to drive interest for donors and volunteers. The entire site is managed via Atypic's custom content management solution. There are 20 custom modules to manage everything from FAQs, page content to board members and events including content videos, logos and image galleries.

The Solution

Inside Cam

For the branded side of the site, the design objective was to create an interactive way to allow fans to stay up-to-date on all things Cam as well as dive into his story to get a better understanding of who he is outside of football. This includes the ability for Cam to syndicate and craft custom posts to speak directly to his fans and supporters.

Cam Newton Foundation Cam Newton Foundation

The Solution

Every Device Matters

In an effort to extend the reach of the website, regardless of the technology of the user, Atypic ensure that the responsive design gave a pleasant user experience to any user at any size or from any device. This way, whether the user is in the stands at the stadium using their mobile phone or at home browsing on their personal computer or tablet, the site will respond to their device accounting for all touch points in the user experience.

The Solution

Continual Growth

Atypic and the Cam Newton Foundation have continued to evolve the presence Cam holds online, by steadily publishing events, photo galleries, personalized posts to fans and much more, all while still finding the time to train and perform at a high level on the field.

Cam Newton Foundation

Page Views


Over 330k page views in first year



Over 112k sessions in first year

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Over 1,100 goal conversions

New Visitors


Over 88k new visitors to site

Cam Newton Foundation
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