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Italian Cycling Apparel

Giordana Cycling

  • Product/Collection Manager
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Italian Innovation

Giordana was established from a desire to craft the very best in cycling clothing with a commitment to continually to push the envelope, in apparel, technology, materials and style. Designing clothing for everyone from the competitive racers to the everyday athlete, Giordana is known as an industry leader to dedicated cyclists and hobbyists alike.

Giordana Cycling Giordana Cycling


  • Responsive Website

  • Video Art Direction

  • Custom Content Management System

  • Robust Blog

  • Media Library


  • Geolocation

  • Multi Language – Italian

The Story

Bringing Italian Craftsmanship Local

Giordana has established a network of localized brand ambassadors and resellers throughout the United States. It is a continuous goal to bring sales into local cycling shops so that experts can advocate the quality of Giordana products to interested customers.

Giordana Cycling Giordana Cycling

The Goal The Goal

We wanted to showcase the same level of innovation incorporated into Giordana products, materials and design of their apparel, into their new online presence.

Giordana Cycling

The Solution

Innovative Legacy

The theme of innovation was utilized from the start of their design. Large, bold images, paired with layering and video sets the theme that Giordana is on the cutting edge of cycling apparel, performance materials and fashion.

Giordana Cycling Giordana Cycling

The Story

Stunning Visuals, Driving Conversions

The homepage itself is an isolated user experience that immerses the user with the types of apparel created and sold by Giordana, while showcasing “featured” items and collections, introducing the culture and history of the brand and most importantly directs the user to the closest retailers carrying Giordana items.

Products and categories are explored online with a familiar eCommerce experience, but should ultimately direct interested buyers to the most convenient “brick and mortar” wholesalers via geo-location and product availability.

Giordana Cycling

The Solution

Exuding Quality

The end-product we feel brought an historic brand, whose industry reputation far superseded its online presence, to a point where the visual perception online has paralleled the level of innovation engrained within its brand. The website has allowed Giordana to continuously highlight collections and products through an intentional visual hierarchy built to promote products and drive purchases.

Giordana Cycling



Over 123k sessions in the first year



Over 500 goal conversions in the first year

Organic Traffic


Increase in organic traffic Y/Y

Organic Conversions


Increase in organic goal conversions Y/Y

Giordana Cycling
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