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U by Moen

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Customizable Shower

Moen engaged Atypic to effectively communicate their leading edge customizable shower technology, U by Moen. The U by Moen device allows users to personalize and enhance their shower experience by managing and controlling shower settings through an app using voice, phone or controller.

U by Moen


  • Video Art Direction
  • Display Banner Ads
  • Banner Animation
  • Responsive Landing Page
  • Product Iconography
  • Email Design


  • Widen Image Library
  • SilverPop
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U by Moen Banner Ads
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U by Moen Email & Icons

Our Approach

To drive interest and clearly articulate product features, the creative needed to support the goal of consumer education while quickly demonstrating what this shower technology could offer them. 
By pairing imagery of people in a home setting using their devices to interact with the controller and app - it helped to get the consumer in the mindset of envisioning this product within their own home. 
Atypic designed banner ads with eye-catching colors and simple animations to mimic temperature changes. These ads were successful in stirring interest by driving traffic to the newly designed U by Moen innovation page where consumers were introduced to all of the product specifics in a digestible and organized format. 
Leveraging the newly formatted structure for displaying innovations on Moen’s site, this new page simply highlighted the main benefits of U by Moen through a lightweight page experience.  


A Redefined Spa Experience

The goal of generating curiosity and interest through the banner ad campaign was successful and resulted in expansions to the technology. The app can now be controlled by Alexa through Amazon compatible devices making the product even more enticing for the tech focused future.  

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