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Menlo Innovations

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Restoring JOY to Technology

Menlo Innovations is a custom software design and development agency whose mission is “To end human suffering as it relates to technology.” World renowned for their process and team culture, Menlo Innovations hosts upwards of 4,000 curious guests each year to observe their unique process and culture firsthand.

Menlo Innovations

The Story

The Menlo Effect

At Menlo, they do more than design and build great software. Not that great software is a small thing. It’s rare. But they aim for something higher. Their processes, culture, work ethic—they all aim toward a single goal: Joy. Atypic is honored to join them in their mission. We recently crafted a robust new online presence that truly represents the uniqueness that is found in the Menlo Factory.


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Menlo Innovations

The Goal The Goal

Since Menlo is widely known for their unique processes in approaching projects and their culture within the office, their online presence needed to be a virtual expansion of what is experienced within the walls of Menlo's factory.

Menlo Innovations Menlo Innovations

The Solution

Client Immersion

Beginning with true “client immersion,” Atypic spent a few workdays observing and experiencing the unique Menlo process and environment. In a technology-driven world, it is ironic to see the proficiency and transparency achieved from their process is a result of their physical environment and their use of tangible project assets (aptly named "artifacts").

Menlo Innovations Menlo Innovations
Menlo Innovations
Menlo Innovations

The Solution

Showcasing Uniqueness

Our goal was to showcase Menlo’s uniqueness by incorporating familiar visuals and artifacts on each page throughout the website. This approach keeps users interested and keeps things lighthearted while driving users further toward relevant content, stories, case studies and resources.

With Menlo Innovation’s reputation shared as an expert in software development as well as a “sight to be seen” in the project management realm, their website needed to be relevant to these two separate audiences while educating each on Menlo's specific expertise.

Menlo Innovations

The Solution

Pushing the Boundaries

Though the experience of touring Menlo’s Factory, or attending one of their Workshops cannot truly be achieved virtually from a website visit, we crafted an immersive web-experience dedicated to housing content focused on their unparalleled process, which we’ve coined “Our Way.” This full-page experience was the result of our design team desiring to push the boundaries while working closely with our development team to achieve that vision. The goal was to mimic Menlo's uniqueness while walking the user through different aspects of why Menlo is who they are and why they do what they do. We wanted to pay respect to the components of their process that truly differentiate them and make them stand apart.

The Solution

Leveraging related stories, case studies, blog posts and process materials specific to Menlo helps reinforce them as an expert in software development, project management and user experience. By incorporating uncommon visual elements into the design, our goal is to capture the curiosity of site visitors and drive interest in working with Menlo on a new project or scheduling a class or tour.

Menlo Innovations

The Solution

Expanding the Brand

To coincide with the redesign and launch of their new site, Menlo wanted consistency across other aspects of their business including posters and artifacts. Atypic set the standard for a subset of assets as well as provided brand guidelines to ensure the Menlo team could maintain the brand across all future touchpoints.

Menlo Innovations

Organic Traffic


35% increase in organic traffic in first 3 months (+2,122)

Time on Site


28% increase in session duration

Mobile Traffic


27% increase in mobile traffic

Time on Page


Average time on page increased 55%

Menlo Innovations
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