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Kickin' It With Cam

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Kickin' It With Cam

The celebrity kickball tournament put on by Cam and Cam Newton Foundation each year gives the community a fun way to give back and help kids through the Cam Newton Foundation. Usually you can expect upwards of 15-20 teams consisting of various businesses and members of the community, as well as a packed list of celebrity players who participate. 


We were stoked to be back in the game, after taking last year off. Going hand in hand with our competitive nature as a team, it comes as no surprise that we spent time practicing and preparing for this event. We came to win and take the title (that should’ve been ours) but that slipped through our fingertips in 2016 on a questionable call in the finals.  


Unfortunately, the weather had a different plan for the day. We’d made it through the first round of the tournament when a big storm rolled in and ended up cancelling the remainder of the event. 


We’ll see ya next year, winning title.

John and Terrell Owens

Kickin' It With Terrell Owens

Retired NFL football player and reality TV star joins the Kickin' It With Cam tournament this year and we couldn't pass up a photo op.

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