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Working From Home | Tools For Success

Working From Home | Tools For Success

Mallory Boyd By: Mallory Boyd


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It’s hard to believe most of us have been working from home for over a year. In just a matter of days everything about the workforce changed and we all adapted to a more casual dress attire, shortened our daily commute, and added the phrase “you’re on mute” to our vocabularies.


At Atypic, we’re big on collaboration and in person work strategies. We feed off each other’s ideas and energies, and pipe into overheard conversations. Transitioning to working from home presented its own challenges for our team, but also allowed us to expand and grow in functionality. Now that we’ve been in the groove of a remote lifestyle, we want to share the tools that helped set our team up for success during these unprecedented times.

AIM Chat System

This tool helped revolutionize the way our team communicates while working remotely. AIM brings a touch of personalization to our organization. We had visibility to know when people were online as the infamous door opening sounds notifies everyone that you’ve logged onto the chat platform. In the event that someone needed to step away or signed off for the evening, team members would get creative with their away messages. Overall, we adapted this tool to streamline company communication and discovered it actually increased efficiency because most users even adapted the lingo - G2G, BRB, BBL, TTYL. If you’ve been thinking about switching up your company chat systems, we couldn’t recommend AIM enough.

Microsoft Paint Web Design

Our team loves to explore new tools to improve process and efficiency among teams. The design team pivoted to a cutting edge design tool in the past year. With Microsoft Paint’s endless possibilities, the creative team could really flex their muscles. A simple interface made it possible for everyone to quickly learn and adapt to the new design approach. We’re grateful for the opportunity to pave the way for innovative web design with this tool.

Ask Jeeves Optimizations

The digital marketing team also expanded their skill set. The entire team really leveraged Ask Jeeves as the preferred search engine throughout the year, so our digital marketing team took time to focus on search engine optimizations on this platform. We’re always looking to expand our technical skills and are excited about this addition to our digital marketing team. Whatever the question may be, just Ask Jeeves.

Myspace Advertising

As social media opportunities continue to rise, this year we really wanted to focus on a platform that impacted social media in a big way. We took our learnings from platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, and applied them to Myspace. We felt that we’d be able to reach more users on Myspace, since it has such avid users these days.

Music Sharing + Downloading

Music is in our team’s blood. We thrive off music and love sharing music with each other. Instead of using online streaming services, we found it best to download music from Limewire and burn CDs to create the perfect soundtrack of the day. We all brought back our Walkman portable CD players or boomboxes and would manually change CD’s out as the day went on. We didn’t discover as many artists this year, since we would have to listen to a single artist’s entire discography. We’re just thankful music still carried us through our days.


*Disclaimer: Atypic does not condone music piracy.

Dial Up Internet Technology

It’s hard to believe that technology has come so far. As we all transitioned to remote workstyles, we are all so happy that we had superb internet access during this time. Dial up internet really created efficiencies in our days and was reliable, except when it was sunny, if someone’s phone rang, or a breeze ran through the air. In the mornings to start up our computers, we all had time to make coffee, a five course breakfast, and really relax to get our day started as we waited for our internet to warm up.

Overall, in a year that presented so many challenges, we’re thankful to have found so many tools to help us overcome a new way of working as a team.


If you’re interested in any of our services, feel free to contact any of the team members below via AIM.


Luis Costales, Creative Director: Coltranelgc
Megan McHugh, VP of Operations: Nutmeg1441
Fergus Horner, Director of Digital Marketing: Crankyboy1
Morgan Bailey, Art Director: Bballbabe33
Jason Mills, Sr. Client Services Manager: Knucklehead119
Mallory Boyd, Digital Project Manager: Fantarocks108
Jacqueline Glenwright, Digital Marketing Specialist: Doglv19
Matt Giebeig: Front-End Developer: CoolioMcCoolster

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