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Goodbye, Old Office!

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When one door closes, another one open (to one big shared space!) Atypic has been in the same building for several years. With that, we’ve also been unfortunately split between two individual offices in that building. We spent many of our years divided, with client facing teams in one spot (deemed “Corporate”) and design and dev in the other (aptly named “Creative”). You can imagine the physical and literal barriers we had to learn to work around and overcome to remain productive and effective in our projects. 

Old Office Desks Old Atypic Office 1
Old Office Entry

After years separated by a 1,000 sq. foot gap, we finally joined in one office space. To say we were excited, would do our team’s sentiment a disservice. As an agency, we thrive from collaboration. For us to have the whole team in one space means the creative juices can flow, the collaborative talks can commence (a little easier), and the team can work together better as one cohesive unit.  


We’ll miss you old office, as you hold a lot of memories of milestones for Atypic, but we haven’t looked back since coming together under one roof. 

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Atypic is a digital marketing and brand development agency located in Charlotte, NC. For 12+ years Atypic has built a reputation for combining creativity, technology & analytical expertise to connect brands with people.

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