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10 Things Atypic is Grateful For


10 Things Atypic is Grateful For

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November, already? The calendar just said July and we were all spending weekends at the beach or escaping the office for a day of team building at the lake.


Needless to say, another year has almost come and gone, and we’ve arrived at the time of the year to reflect on all we’re grateful for.


Working as a small team of collaborative, creative individuals, we realize how lucky we are to be surrounded by likeminded people. We’re your average group of nerds, creatives, dog lovers, music obsessed, beer drinkers who actually enjoy coming into work every day.


We value each other as if we were family. We’re grateful that we are a small enough team that we share weekly highs and lows and are invested in each other’s well-being in, and outside, the office.


In the spirit of the season, here’s what we’re grateful for this year:


10. Beer. Yeah, we’ve got kegs on tap and we’re not ashamed to pour a cold one to celebrate small victories throughout each week.


9. Construction. There is nothing more soothing than hearing the constant beep of a truck backing up to get you through your day. That’s a joke, but these sounds also represent the positive growth our city is experiencing.


8. GIFs. Do people even communicate with just words anymore?


7. Coffee. Obviously. A few of our local favorites: Queen City Grounds, Basal, CupLux and Not Just Coffee.


6. Little Village Grill. We’ll spill the beans. Our secret (but not so secret anymore thanks to Charlotte Agenda’s recent feature) spot for office lunch runs. Located on Trade St. in uptown, they’ve got the best food you’ll find for under $10.  Just trust us.


5. Foosball. Only 2 rules: no spinning and no crying.


4. The Internet. Mostly because, without it our jobs would be obsolete, but also because it gives us memes and gifs.  


3. Our New Office Space. We’ve been apart for quite some time (same building, two separated offices) and we recently joined back together in one big office! We’re loving the creative energy that comes from all being under the same roof.


2. Our Clients. Sure, a little cliché, but without our clients, we wouldn’t be Atypic. We’re lucky to form intimate relationships with our clients and become passionate about their passions. That fuels our fire to do our best work for them. We have a wide array of clients and we’re all invested in their success, just as much as our own.


1. Each Other. Imagine walking into an office and knowing everyone’s full name, their dog’s name, their favorite beer, their goals, passions, and what makes them tick. That’s the vibe here at Atypic; we embody the team as family mentality.


Thanksgiving is a season of reflection and being grateful for what we have. Our list could be infinitely longer, but we wanted to keep it short and sweet (even if it would give us more content for SEO). This season, we’re exceptionally grateful for the 10 things above, and for time off to enjoy a warm meal with our families and for being part of an agency in a city as creative as Charlotte.  

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